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Online Employee Handbooks

Secure, cloud-based HR and Health & Safety handbooks

Digital Employee Handbooks

Access your online employee handbooks

from anywhere, at any time and on any device

Why digital employee handbooks?

With COVID-19 forcing businesses to make employees work from home where possible, this has created the challenge of remaining compliant with Health & Safety requirements, as well as protected from an HR point of view.

Many businesses are simply not in a position to either enable employees to get access to their HR and Health & Safety handbooks. This is either because they are printed documents kept in the workplace or they are electronic files on a network share in the office, which is inaccessible outside the office. This is why there is a need for an online employee handbook.

As we see light at the end of the COVID tunnel, many businesses are now looking at the longer term and whether they need employees in the office all the time. Many companies are already planning a mix of on-premise and home working, as a means of cutting costs.

This is where MyEmployeeHandbook can help.

MyEmployeeHandbook is a secure, cloud-based application that enables employers to create engaging digital employee handbooks that are accessible 24/7/365 from any device.

With SSL encryption, user logins, digital signatures and user activity tracking, it also provides a level of protection to businesses that standard employee handbooks don’t.

In the event of an Employment Law tribunal or Health & Safety Executive investigation, where an employee pleads ignorance to policy or working practice, businesses can now prove that they have read specific policies and procedures, protecting the business.

MyEmployeeHandbook helping businesses
to meet their compliance requirements in a post-COVID world.

Software as a Service  Model

Being a SaaS product, there is nothing to install or manage. Perfect when employees need to access company information on private devices such as tablets and phones.

Increase Employee Engagement

Being a SaaS product, there is nothing to install or manage. Perfect when employees need to access company information on private devices such as tablets and phones.

Reduce Risk in the Business

Secure logins & user activity tracking contribute to protecting the business by reducing risk in the event of an Employment Law tribunal or Health & Safety investigation.

Core Features

There are a number of benefits in deploying an online employee handbook in your organisation including:-


All our servers come with 99.9% uptime, 2048-bit SSL encryption, 24/7 monitoring and daily data backups.


Employees can digitally sign a declaration that they have read and understood their employee handbooks.


User activity tracking records when users have logged in and out, what policies and procedures were read and for how long.


No server to manage. No software to buy and keep up to date. No backups to worry about. No need to manage network access for remote users.


Control over the structure of your handbooks with the ability to pull items from the content library on to the page with our drag & drop layout editor.


Full content publishing system with approvals, revisions, content locking, dynamic content items and mail merge style variables.


Increase employee engagement with employee engagement surveys, Health & Safety quizzes or a mental wellness widget.


Use videos or other multimedia content to communicate company mission statement or to educate and inform employees.


Using in-built Google Translate, your handbooks can be translated to over 100 other languages with the click of a button.


“Thanks for sorting out the visibility options a couple of months back – all is working very well and staff love the new handbook portal.”

John Deas FCIPD, HR Manager

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